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Join our private Facebook community to have all your dating questions answered by one of our Love Pros. With the expertise of our team at your fingertips and a positive community of peers by your side, the path to love becomes open and fun!

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You’ll be connected through a private Facebook community to a team of professional matchmakers and other relationship experts to bring you the best articles, insights and resources to guide you through dating with intention.

Dating should be an adventure! Let our professional matchmakers and relationship strategists help you start your adventure with confidence. Join our private Facebook community to share dating stories, ask questions and be surrounded by other singles going through the same things you are.

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We’ll explore topics such as:

  • Preparing yourself to start dating again
  • Getting started with online dating
  • Reviews of dating apps and online dating sites
  • Building your best online dating profile
  • Information about matchmaking from our experts
  • Events for single people
  • Dating after divorce
  • Dating with kids
  • First date tips
  • Introducing a new partner to family
  • And so much more!